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What is it?
PeerStreamer is an open source P2P Media Streaming framework written in C, developed as part of the NAPA-WINE European research project. It includes a streaming engine for the efficient distribution of media streams, a source application for the creation of channels and a player applications to visualize the streams. To the best of our knowledge, PeerStreamer is unique among other similar applications for at least three reasons:

  • open source development
  • fast and efficient code
  • network awareness and friendliness

Main features:

  • digests almost any media format
  • configurable chunking engine
  • configurable topology module
  • streaming engine with several streaming protocols (push/pull/negotiation based)
  • configurable chunk/peer scheduler
  • ALTO (Application-Layer Traffic Optimization) support

PeerStreamer has several incarnations for various target audiences:

  • Users: download binaries or source code from our dedicated download page
  • Developers: source code is available from git repositories. Consult the development page for more details
  • Researchers: check out streamers implementing various state-of-the-art streaming algorithms from literature at our research page. Related publication are also available here

Various features of PeerStreamer have been presented with live demos at the following venues:

IEEE P2P'10 Conference IPTComm 2010 Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications 2010 NEM Summit, Oct. 13-15, Barcelona, Spain The 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2011) IETF 80 -Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic ICT 2010 ICT Event in BrusselsIEEE International Conference on P2P computing